Town planning and the questions floods?

In the wake of the most recent Queensland floods, questions are being raised about the best way to implement town planning in high risk flood zones. Residential, agricultural, and industrial zones were hit, as well as important parts of various towns’ infrastructure, some for the second time in three years, which begs the question: is rebuilding in these areas the best idea? Insurance companies, faced with tens of thousands of insurance claims, are questioning whether councils in the flood-affected regions are doing enough to prevent people from occupying high risk zones. In return, councils are strongly supporting the town planning solutions they have in place, while searching for more ways to protect their residents.

It’s not just Queensland who is at risk of flooding, with parts of NSW and Victoria also being hit by floods in recent years. With global warming, La Nina, and deforestation making floods more and more common, every town planner or advisor needs to update their knowledge of flood plains, river paths, and the water tables in their specialist locations. Check with your local regional council and state government for any flood risk management documents they have published, as many councils may be upgrading these documents in light of recent developments.


Author: Michael Grochowski